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Movies & T.V.    Alphabetical By Title - Click Selected Titles For More Details
Movie / Programme Title Movie / Programme Synopsis Release Date
Adventures Of Ozzie & Harriet, The T.V. sit-com about ficticious lives of Ricky and his family. 1952 to 1966
Brother Remembers, A Documentary on Rick by his brother, David. Nov-1987
Easy To Be Free Following Rick and the Stone Canyon Band on tour. Sept-1973
Hand For Sonny Blue, A A baseball player is given the hand of a vicious killer after a car crash. 03-Sep-1977
Hardy Boy's, The Rick is a singer who needs the help of the Hardy Boys. 27-Mar-1977
Here Come The Nelsons Ricky gets kidnapped by bank robbers in movie pilot of T.V. show. 1952
Hondo Rick portrays Jesse james in this episode of the early western series. 03-Nov-1967
Love And Kisses Rick and Kris play teenage newly-weds who move into his family home. 1965
Love Boat, The Rick plays an amnesia sufferer who finds love on board the liner. 13-Feb-1978
McCloud Rick is a singer implicated in a murder McCloud is investigating. 01-Oct-1972
Malibu U Summer T.V. variety series co-hosted by Rick. Jul-1967
On The Flip Side T.V. special about a has-been singer aided by 4 heavenly angels. 1966
Over The Hill Gang, The Three aging rangers are hired to clean up a lawless western town. 07-Oct-1969
Owen Marshall Rick is an illegal alien charged with selling pornography in his bookstore. 07-Dec-1972
Petrocelli Rick is a singer who's career is jeopardized by a homicide charge. 18-Sep-1974
Rockin' With Rick & Fats Fats Domino joins Rickin this classic double concert. Jan-1986
Rio Bravo Rick joins John Wayne & Dean Martin in maintaining law in western town. 1958
Saturday Night Live Rick guest hosted this episode, sang live and performed a sketch. 17-Feb-1979
Sonic Boom Comedy short about a supersonic jet that lands in a small town. 1974
Story Of Three Loves, The Young Ricky plays a child who wishes that he could become an adult. 1952
Streets Of San Fransisco, The Rick plays a seemingly gentle man who lures girls into prostitution. 25-Oct-1973
Swing Out, Sweet Land Rick played a confederate soldier in this TV special on Amerian history. 29-Nov-1970
Tale Of Four Wishes, A A girl who wishes for a better life, learns a lesson from her grandfather. 1981
Three On A Date The adventures of game show contestants who win a holiday in Hawaii 17-Feb-1978
VH1: Behind The Music Rick's life was documented in an episode of this popular show. 24-Jun-2001
Wackiest Ship In The Army, The The exploits of a clapped out ship on a top secret mission in the Pacific. 1960
Wish Book, The Rick plays Lonnie Follett in this episode from the General Electric Theatre. 22-Oct-1961