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The Adventures Of Ozzie & Harriet
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Episode Title Episode Synopsis U.S. Air Date
Season 1
Rivals, The 03-Oct-1952
Poet, The 10-Oct-1952
Pills, The Ozzie and Thorny compete to see who can lose the most weight. 17-Oct-1952
Fall Guy, The 24-Oct-1952
Halloween Party David and Ricky prepare for an evening of trick or treat. 31-Oct-1952
Riviera Ballet 07-Nov-1952
David, The Babysitter 14-Nov-1952
Ricky Goes To A Dance 21-Nov-1952
Day After Thanksgiving, The 28-Nov-1952
Thorny's Gift 05-Dec-1952
Harriet's Hair-Do 12-Dec-1952
Boys' Christmas Money, The 19-Dec-1952
Late Christmas Gift 26-Dec-1952
Newspaper Write-Up, The 02-Jan-1953
Basketball Players, The 09-Jan-1953
Stop Worrying 16-Jan-1953
Tuba, The 23-Jan-1953
Rover Boys 30-Jan-1953
Separate Rooms David & Ricky each feel that it's time they had their own room. 06-Feb-1953
Valentine Show, The 13-Feb-1953
Traffic Signal, The 20-Feb-1953
Dental Receptionist, The 27-Feb-1953
Speech, The 06-Mar-1953
Safe Crackers, The 13-Mar-1953
Brother Beesley's Philosophy 20-Mar-1953
Bowling Alley, The 27-Mar-1953
Orchid And The Violet, The Ozzie has bought Harriet some violets, so who has bought her orchids? 03-Apr-1953
Pancake Mix, The 10-Apr-1953
Whistler's Daughter, The 17-Apr-1953
Fish Story, The 24-Apr-1953
Night School 01-May-1953
Traders, The 08-May-1953
Boxing Matches 15-May-1953
Door Key For David, A 22-May-1953
Play's The Thing, The 29-May-1953
Monetary System 05-Jun-1953
Who's Walter? 12-Jun-1953
Curiosity 19-Jun-1953
Oscillating Ozzie Ozzie decision to become less predictable upsets Harriets plan to buy a rug. 26-Jun-1953
Season 2
New Chairs, The 18-Sep-1953
Party, The 25-Sep-1953
Boys' Paper Route, The 02-Oct-1953
Window Pane 09-Oct-1953
David's Pipe 16-Oct-1953
David's 17th Birthday 23-Oct-1953
No Noise 30-Oct-1953
Hustler, The 06-Nov-1953
Young City Officials 13-Nov-1953
Suggestion Box 20-Nov-1953
Ladder, The 27-Nov-1953
Parental Guidance 04-Dec-1953
Insurance Policy, The 11-Dec-1953
Credit Reference 18-Dec-1953
Miracle, The 25-Dec-1953
Hunter, The 01-Jan-1954
Ozzie's Night Out 08-Jan-1954
Camera Show, The 15-Jan-1954
Courage 22-Jan-1954
Incentive, The 29-Jan-1954
Too Many Children 05-Feb-1954
David's Career 12-Feb-1954
Harriet Gives A Party 19-Feb-1954
Old Fashioned Remedy, An 26-Feb-1954
Initiation 05-Mar-1954
Ricky's Lost Letter 12-Mar-1954
Father And Son Tournament 19-Mar-1954
Gentleman David 26-Mar-1954
David Writes A Column 02-Apr-1954
Overprotection 09-Apr-1954
Be On Time 16-Apr-1954
Evening With Hamlet, An 23-Apr-1954
New Neighbor 30-Apr-1954
Bird's Nest 07-May-1954
Friend Of The Family, A 14-May-1954
Tuxedo For David, A 21-May-1954
Painter, The 28-May-1954
Operation Economy 04-Jun-1954
Swimming Pool, The 11-Jun-1954
Season 3
Wedding Anniversary, The 08-Oct-1954
Too Many Ties 15-Oct-1954
Furnace, The 22-Oct-1954
Load Of Gravel, A 29-Oct-1954
Usher, The 12-Nov-1954
Come As You Are Party, The 19-Nov-1954
Dipple Door, The 03-Dec-1954
Odd Bolt 10-Dec-1954
Matter Of Inches, A 17-Dec-1954
Lost Christmas Gift, The 24-Dec-1954
Fruitcake, The 07-Jan-1955
Bloodhound, The 14-Jan-1955
Missing Sandwiches, The 21-Jan-1955
Individuality 28-Jan-1955
Electric Train, The 04-Feb-1955
Matter of Principle, A 11-Feb-1955
Career Woman 18-Feb-1955
Girl Who Came To Dinner, The 25-Feb-1955
Sportscar, The 11-Mar-1955
Ricky’s Blind Date 18-Mar-1955
Spring Housecleaning 25-Mar-1955
Pajama Game, The 01-Apr-1955
Lock of Hair, A 08-Apr-1955
Witness, The 15-Apr-1955
Ricky's Charge Account 22-Apr-1955
Testimonial, The 29-Apr-1955
Thorny's Piano 06-May-1955
Stray Dog 27-May-1955
Season 4
David's Engagement Ozzie & Harriet are worried that David is planning to marry too early. 23-Sep-1955
Homemade Ice-Cream 30-Sep-1955
Football Hero 07-Oct-1955
Invitation To Dinner, An 14-Oct-1955
Carnation Perfume 21-Oct-1955
Campers, The 28-Oct-1955
Man Across The Street, The 11-Nov-1955
Music Appreciation 11-Nov-1955
Ball Of Tinfoil, A 18-Nov-1955
Wedding Rings 02-Dec-1955
Gay Blade, The 09-Dec-1955
Eclipse, The 16-Dec-1955
Gadget, The 06-Jan-1956
Art Studies 13-Jan-1956
Volunteer Fireman Ozzie joins the volunteer fire department. 20-Jan-1956
Car Mix-Up, The 27-Jan-1956
Ricky, The Organizer 03-Feb-1956
Safe Driver, The 10-Feb-1956
Watching Thorny's House 24-Feb-1956
Personal Column 09-Mar-1956
Day In Bed, A 23-Mar-1956
Buried Treasure 30-Mar-1956
Beautiful Day, A 13-Apr-1956
Honest Face 20-Apr-1956
Harriet's Secret Admirer 25-May-1956
Re-Dressing Ricky 08-Jun-1956
Season 5
Kappa Sigma Party 03-Oct-1956
Captain Salty And The Submarine 10-Oct-1956
Hidden Panel 17-Oct-1956
Christmas In October The family plan to use a painting by David as a X-mas card. 24-Oct-1956
Banjo Player, The 31-Oct-1956
Fifty Dollar Bill 07-Nov-1956
Pool Table, The 14-Nov-1956
David Pick's Up The Tab David treats his family to an expensive meal, but can he pay? 21-Nov-1956
Balloons, The 28-Nov-1956
Ricky's Car Rick takes on a summer job to pay for a new car. 05-Dec-1956
Doctor In The House, A 12-Dec-1956
Busy Christmas 19-Dec-1956
Day After Christmas, The 26-Dec-1956
Ozzie's Double 02-Jan-1957
Hairstyle For Harriet, A Will Ozzie tell Harriet what he really thinks of her new hairstyle? 09-Jan-1957
Puppy, The 16-Jan-1957
Borrowed Tuxedo 23-Jan-1957
Like Father, Like Son David's new girl is called Harriet. Is history repeating itself? 30-Jan-1957
Duenna, The 06-Feb-1957
Hot-Dog Stand, The 13-Feb-1957
Reading Room 20-Feb-1957
Disbelievers, The 27-Feb-1957
Clubhouse, The 06-Mar-1957
Jet Pilot Ozzie wins the chance to fly in a super-sonic jet. 13-Mar-1957
Ozzie And Harriet Go To Washington 20-Mar-1957
Editor, The 27-Mar-1957
Hawaiian Party, The 03-Apr-1957
Ricky, The Drummer Ricky makes his singing (and drumming) debut at a teen dance. 10-Apr-1957
Tommy Brannigan Story, The 17-Apr-1957
Sculpturing Class 24-Apr-1957
Ozzie, The Treasurer 01-May-1957
Ricky's Surprise Party 08-May-1957
Night Watchman 15-May-1957
David's Date With Miss Universe 22-May-1957
Strict Parents 29-May-1957
Coffee Table, The 05-Jun-1957
Fishing Lure, The 12-Jun-1957
Taking Care Of Freddy 19-Jun-1957
Loan, The 26-Jun-1957
Season 6
Fixing Up The Fraternity House 02-Oct-1957
Man Without A Family, The 09-Oct-1957
Treasurer's Report 16-Oct-1957
Boys Land In Jail, The 23-Oct-1957
Mystery Shopper 30-Oct-1957
Ricky's Big Night 06-Nov-1957
Free Flowers 13-Nov-1957
Ozzie's Triple Banana Surprise 20-Nov-1957
Fourteen Mile Hike Ozzie agrees to take a group of boys on a 14 mile hike. 04-Dec-1957
Tutti Fruitti Ice Cream The family get a craving for tutti-fruitti ice-cream but can't find any! 11-Dec-1957
Christmas Tree Lot, The 18-Dec-1957
Ricky Goes On T.V. 25-Dec-1957
Trophy, The A dispute erupts between Ozzie & Joe Randolph over a tennis trophy. 01-Jan-1958
Road Race 08-Jan-1958
David And The Stewardess 15-Jan-1958
Picture In Rick's Notebook, The 22-Jan-1958
Harriet's Dancing Partner 29-Jan-1958
Safe, The 05-Feb-1958
David And The Men's Club 12-Feb-1958
Who Is Betty? 19-Feb-1958
Old Band Pavilion, The 26-Feb-1958
Practical Joker, The 05-Mar-1958
Scavenger Hunt 12-Mar-1958
Dating System, The 19-Mar-1958
Closed Circuit 26-Mar-1958
Top Gun 02-Apr-1958
Record Trout, The 09-Apr-1958
Bachelor, The 16-Apr-1958
Code Of Honor 23-Apr-1958
Ricky Is Mickey 07-May-1958
Rick's Chemistry Grade 14-May-1958
Magic Of Three, The 21-May-1958
International Set, The 28-May-1958
Bridge Group, The 04-Jun-1958
Cruise For Harriet, A 11-Jun-1958
Season 7
David Loses His Poise 01-Oct-1958
David Becomes A Football Coach 08-Oct-1958
Surprise For Clara, A 15-Oct-1958
Pony, The 22-Oct-1958
Stealing Rick's Girl 29-Oct-1958
Ozzie's Daughters 05-Nov-1958
Ozzie Spills Tthe Beans 12-Nov-1958
Rick's Riding Lessons 19-Nov-1958
Harriet Creates A Triangle 26-Nov-1958
Dress Shop, The 03-Dec-1958
Motorcycle, The 10-Dec-1958
Helpful Neighbor 17-Dec-1958
Runaways, The 07-Jan-1959
Rick's Scientific Date Wally uses psychology to make Rick go on a date with his cousin. 19-Jan-1959
Rick's Dinner Guests Rick's dinner party clashes with Ozzie's poker night. 21-Jan-1959
Ozzie And The Space Age 28-Jan-1959
Jealous Joe Randolph 04-Feb-1959
Composite Girl 11-Feb-1959
Ozzie's Old Team-Mate 18-Feb-1959
Newspaper Interview, The 25-Feb-1959
Exploding Book, The 04-Mar-1959
Ozzie Changes History 11-Mar-1959
Tent, The 18-Mar-1959
Ricky The Bullfighter 25-Mar-1959
Togetherness 01-Apr-1959
Other Guy's Girl, The 08-Apr-1959
Treasurer's Son 15-Apr-1959
Always A Bridegroom 22-Apr-1959
Costume Dance 29-Apr-1959
Full House 06-May-1959
Little Black Box, The 13-May-1959
Buckingham, The 20-May-1959
Girl In The Bowling Alley, The 27-May-1959
Darby, The Rockhound 03-Jun-1959
Taking Advantage Of Harriet 10-Jun-1959
Ozzie Plans A Surprise 17-Jun-1959
Season 8
Sea Captain 07-Oct-1959
Ozzie, The Host 14-Oct-1959
David, The Law Clerk 21-Oct-1959
Who Needs Girls 28-Oct-1959
Rancher's Daughter, The 04-Nov-1959
Nelsons Decide To Move, The 11-Nov-1959
David, The Sleuth 18-Nov-1959
Gas Station, The 25-Nov-1959
Fathers' Night At The Fraternity House 02-Dec-1959
Happy Anniversary 09-Dec-1959
Rick Gets Even 16-Dec-1959
Interest For Harriet, An 30-Dec-1959
Ozzie Keeps a Secret 06-Jan-1960
David's Car Payments 20-Jan-1960
Circus, The 27-Jan-1960
Rick's English Literature Class 03-Feb-1960
Lockout, The 10-Feb-1960
Uninvited Guests 17-Feb-1960
Trap For Ricky, A 24-Feb-1960
Interesting Evening, An 02-Mar-1960
David Goof's Off David's attempts to impress his boss are foiled at every turn. 09-Mar-1960
Magic Dishes 16-Mar-1960
Professor's Experiment, The 30-Mar-1960
T-Shirts, The 06-Apr-1960
Missing Husband 13-Apr-1960
Bad Day At Blueberry Rock 27-Apr-1960
Dave And The Schoolteacher 04-May-1960
Big Plans For Summer 11-May-1960
Forgotten Promise 18-May-1960
Painting The Sorority House 25-May-1960
No News For Harriet 08-Jun-1960
Weekend Vacation 15-Jun-1960
Season 9
Fraternity Junk Drive 28-Sep-1960
David Gets Discouraged 05-Oct-1960
Ozzie,The Boat-Keeper 12-Oct-1960
His Brother's Girl 19-Oct-1960
David Gets A Raise 26-Oct-1960
Table And The Painting, The 02-Nov-1960
Sweater For Rick, A 09-Nov-1960
Friend in Need, A 16-Nov-1960
David's Almost In-Laws 23-Nov-1960
David Hires A Secretary David's choice of secretary at the law firm causes him problems. 30-Nov-1960
Lawnmower For Ozzie, A 07-Dec-1960
Girl in The Emporium, The 14-Dec-1960
Piano For The Fraternity, A 21-Dec-1960
Rick CountsThe Ballots 28-Dec-1960
Girl Who Loses Things, The Rick needs Wallys help to prove his loyalty to his girlfriend. 04-Jan-1961
Safe Husbands 11-Jan-1961
Lost Briefcase, The 18-Jan-1961
Chaperones, The 25-Jan-1961
Bowling With The Wives 01-Feb-1961
Our Man In Alaska 08-Feb-1961
Two Small Boys And A Dog 15-Feb-1961
Boys' Portraits, The 22-Feb-1961
Mr. Kelly's Important Papers 01-Mar-1961
Dave's Golf Story 08-Mar-1961
Rick's Broken Arm 15-Mar-1961
Little Houseguest, The
Manly Arts 29-Mar-1961
Question Of Suits And Ties, A 05-Apr-1961
Pen And Pencil Set, The 12-Apr-1961
Selling Rick's Drums 19-Apr-1961
E.S.P. 26-Apr-1961
Rick's 21st Birthday 03-May-1961
Built-In TV Set 10-May-1961
Season 10
Dancing Lesson, The 28-Sep-1961
High Cost Of Dating, The 05-Oct-1961
Newlyweds Get Settled, The 12-Oct-1961
Fraternity Rents Out A Room, The A proffesor causes disruption to the boy's easy going fraternity life. 19-Oct-1961
David Goes Back To Work Newly-wed David attempts to keep in contact with June while at work. 26-Oct-1961
Ten For The Tigers 02-Nov-1961
Rick Grades A Test 09-Nov-1961
Barking Dog, The 16-Nov-1961
Rick Comes To Dinner 30-Nov-1961
Trading Stamps 07-Dec-1961
Ricky The Milkman 14-Dec-1961
Fraternity Pin, The 04-Jan-1962
Backyard Pet Show, The 11-Jan-1962
Special Cake, The 18-Jan-1962
Randolph's Niece, The 25-Jan-1962
Lamp For Dave And June, A June want's a new lamp, but can the young couple afford it? 01-Jan-1962
Fraternity Cook 08-Feb-1962
Operation Barry 15-Feb-1962
Making Wally Study Rick has to help Wally concentrate on his studies. 22-Feb-1962
Lending Money To Wally Rick and his pals are planning a meal at a plush restaurant. 08-Mar-1962
Lonesome Parents 15-Mar-1962
Client's Daughter, The 29-Mar-1962
Student Nurse, The 05-Apr-1962
Barry's Birthday 12-Apr-1962
Little Handprint In The Sidewalk 19-Apr-1962
Season 11
Rick And The Maid Of Honor 27-Sep-1962
Miss Bradford's Recipe 04-Oct-1962
Apartment, The 11-Oct-1962
Trip To Mexico 25-Oct-1962
Tigers Go To A Dance, The Harriet asks Ozzie to get the Tiger's to go to a girl's dance. 01-Nov-1962
Women's Club Play, The 08-Nov-1962
Rick Sends A Picture 15-Nov-1962
Rick, The Host 22-Nov-1962
Losing Miss Edwards 29-Nov-1962
An Old Friend Of June's June's old boyfriend comes for dinner while David is working late. 13-Dec-1962
Rick And The Boat Model 03-Jan-1963
June And The Great Outdoors 10-Jan-1963
Girl At The Ski-Lodge, The 17-Jan-1963
Roadside Courtesy 31-Jan-1963
Dave And The Teenager 07-Feb-1963
Adventurers, The 14-Feb-1963
Goat, The 28-Feb-1963
Any Date In A Storm 07-Mar-1963
Decorating Dave's Office 21-Mar-1963
Publicity For The Fraternity 28-Mar-1963
Women's Club Bazaar, The 04-Apr-1963
David's Law Office 11-Apr-1963
Dave And The Fraternity Lease 18-Apr-1963
Music Festival, The 06-Jun-1963
Season 12
Torn Dress, The 18-Sep-1963
Secret Agent 25-Sep-1963
Fashion Models, The 02-Oct-1963
Rick's Wedding Ring Rick forgets his wedding ring and gets some female attention. 09-Oct-1963
Getting Wally In Shape 16-Oct-1963
Blue Moose 23-Oct-1963
David Takes A Client To Dinner 30-Oct-1963
Wally's Pen-Pal 06-Nov-1963
Lawyers' Convention, The 13-Nov-1963
Money Watchers 20-Nov-1963
June Is Always Late 27-Nov-1963
Ozzie's Hidden Trophy Ozzie can't tell Harriet that he won a bowling trophy. 04-Dec-1963
Rick Makes A Loan 11-Dec-1963
Dave And The Mermaid 18-Dec-1963
Swami, The 08-Jan-1964
Getting Together With the Boys 15-Jan-1964
Rick's Wedding Picture 22-Jan-1964
Wife In The Office, A June temps as David's secretary. But can she handle the work. 05-Feb-1964
Dean's Birthday, The 12-Feb-1964
Uniforms, The 19-Feb-1964
Wally's T.V. Set 26-Feb-1964
Hayride 11-Mar-1964
Rick,The Law Clerk 18-Mar-1964
Rick Is Late For Dinner 25-Mar-1964
Letter About Harriet, A 01-Apr-1964
Season 13
Rick And The Girl Across The Hall 16-Sep-1964
Study System, The 30-Sep-1964
Rick And Kris Go To The Mountains 07-Oct-1964
Letter Of Recommendation, A 14-Oct-1964
Kris Goes To College 21-Oct-1964
Pennies, The Ozzie uses the Tiger's rare penny collection to play poker. 28-Oct-1964
Ballerina, The Rick and his pals plan to perform a spoof ballet at a charity concert. 04-Nov-1964
Bedtime Story, A 11-Nov-1964
Harriet's Quiz 18-Nov-1964
Kris Plays Cupid Kris plays Cupid to Ginger & Wally. But things don't go smoothly. 25-Nov-1964
Helpless Female, A 02-Dec-1964
Exotic Housemother 09-Dec-1964
Chess Set 16-Dec-1964
Cafe Caper 30-Dec-1964
Petition, The 06-Jan-1965
Dave, The Fraternity Advisor 13-Jan-1965
Rick Grows A Beard Rick's new beard sets off a 'chin reaction' among friends & relatives. 20-Jan-1965
Big Dog, The 27-Jan-1965
Trunk, The 03-Feb-1965
Kris' Girlfriend 10-Feb-1965
Rick's Raise Rick thinks he deserves a rasie. But will David, his boss, agree? 17-Feb-1965
Breakfast For Harriet Ozzie attempts to make breakfast for an ill Harriet. But can he manage? 24-Feb-1965
Desk Photo, The 03-Mar-1965
Early Rush Party, The 10-Mar-1965
Painting From The Past, A 17-Mar-1965
Season 14
Tangled Web, The 15-Sep-1965
Rose A Day, A 22-Sep-1965
Kris and the Queen 29-Sep-1965
Helpful June 06-Oct-1965
Prowler, The 13-Oct-1965
Nelsons Revisited, The 20-Oct-1965
Secret Passage, The 27-Oct-1965
Wally, The Author 03-Nov-1965
Message From Kris, A 10-Nov-1965
Flying Down To Lunch Ozzie and Joe Randolph accept an invitation to lunch in Mexico. 17-Nov-1965
Equestrians, The 24-Nov-1965
David The Worrier 01-Dec-1965
Ghost Town 08-Dec-1965
David Picks A Pie 15-Dec-1965
Kris, The Little Helper 05-Jan-1966
Sheik Of Araby 15-Jan-1966
Wally's Traffic Ticket An ostrich causes Wally to get a traffic ticket, but no one believes him. 22-Jan-1966
Honor For Oz, An Ozzie is given hat by the Tigers as a thank you, but he hates it. 29-Jan-1966
Hong Kong Suit, The 05-Feb-1966
Ozzie A Go-Go 12-Feb-1966
Trip Trap, The June attemts to trick David into taking her on a trip to Hawaii. 19-Feb-1966
Waiting for Joe 26-Feb-1966
Rick's Assistant Rick hires a young boy to assist him at work, but soon regrets it. 05-Mar-1966
Dave's Other Office 12-Mar-1966
Ozzie The Babysitter Ozzies offer to babysit ends up causing him trouble. 19-Mar-1966
Games Room, The Ozzie wants to turn the boys old room into a games room. 26-Mar-1966