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A Hand For Sonny Blue    [Movies & T.V.]     [View Images]

Air Date: 03-September-1977
Starring: Rick Nelson, Janice Lynde, Carl Weathers,
Alfred Ryder, Stewart Moss.
Director: Curtis Harrington
Producer: John Wilder
Exec. Producer: Quinn Martin

This was an episode of the Quinn Martin produced series "Tales Of The Unexpected" (Released in the U.K. as "Twist In The Tale") It starred Rick as baseball player Sonny Blue, who loses his hand in a car crash. He is given the worlds first hand transplant so that he can return to hitting home runs. However it soon becomes clear to Sonny that this hand seems to have a life of it's own which threatens to destroy his career and his relationship. He is horrified to learn that it was in fact the hand of a vicious killer, but will it use Sonny to kill again? This oft told story is given a modern update in this hour long show. Sadly Rick doesn't sing, That's left to co-star Janice Lynde, a woman who clearly has bought one to many Barbra Streisand records.

Not Released On Video

(Artwork created by www.rickynelson.co.uk)