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Love And Kisses    [Movies & T.V.]     [View Images]

Release Date: 1965
Starring: Rick Nelson, Jack Kelly, Kristin Nelson, Jerry Van Dyke,
Sheila Wells, Pert Kelton, Madelyn Himes, Alvy Moore.
Director: Ozzie Nelson
Producer: Ozzie Nelson
Studio: Universal

The only Rock 'N' Roll movie Rick ever did, Love And Kisses concerned the young Buzzy Pringle who shocks his parents by announcing he's got married on th eve of his graduation. Real life wife Kristin plays Buzzy's young bride. The couples youth and in-expierience soon takes it's toll, and it's up to his dissaproving parents to help steer them on the right course. Rick obviously loved filming the dream fight squence, which has an amusing cameo from two familiar faces. An enjoyable, lightweight comedy, that at first appears to be a variation on "The Adventures Of Ozzie & Harriet" but proves to be a bit more controversial than that show ever was. As the adverts claimed: "It's A Rick 'N' Roll Riot!"

Not Released On Video

Tracks performed:
Come Out Dancin'
Love And Kisses
Say You Love Me