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Restless Kid      [Song Lyrics]      [Ricky Sings Again]

I came in like a restless wind
On a wagon train
But I'm gonna go like a July snow
Back to where I came from
Gonna leave this hum drum
It's to slow and tame

None of your business where I've been
Don't ask me what I've done
Run your ranch and punch your cows
And stay behind my gun man
Colorado's right hand will put you on the run

I got a gal in Denver town
That's crying over me
But I said goodbye and I let her cry
I miss her company
But I'll get out of this rut
Rio Bravo's killin' me

They got a man locked in a cell
That's a free'r man than I
He's gonna laugh right in their face
When they lead him out to die
And he's gonna leave this badland
And ride off in the sky

You're gonna see ol' Colorado
Headin' for the door
You better believe I'm gonna leave
Like the 904 train
Gotta breath some air again
That ain't been breathed before

Written By: (J. Cash)