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With handmade silver sparkles
Like a well-dressed sequined whore
Your lady-like deceptions
Keep reaching out for more
And you ask me for nothing
And nothing's not enough
And the fisherman he puts a claim on you
But it's nothing but a bluff

So with jealous hands tied round my back
I stumble 'cross the floor
Not knowing how to speak
I keep reaching for the door
I know you know me well I say
'Cause I'm the palace guard
Remember me, we made love today
At the King's bazaar

And you look at me with eyes that never see
I can feel something start to die inside of me

So before you show me everything
There's something you must know
I've worked with your friend John the Geek
And his sidewalk travelin show
I know your childhood tailored dreams are very well disguised
So you don't have to fake it anymore it's all been memorized

And you speak in wordless freedoms never seen
Now I realize to you it's all a dream

And you speak to me with feelings
As real as sealing wax
As the nearness dawns the moth is gone
Leaving trailless tracks

All you village people
Sing your songs of the morning sunlit sky
Don't you think it's time we moved along
Said the raven to the fly

Written By: (R. Nelson)