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Alone      [Song Lyrics]      [Country Fever]

I waited for the sunrise
But it never came
I can see all the people
Somehow they're not the same

They're lost in the dreams
In the schemes that my eyes couldn't see
The wishing wells, the small hotels
Are what you left me

You said goodbye to me today
You left me on my own
Someone's gotta help me find my way
I'm standing here alone

I said "please stay", you laughed and walked away
It's all over now
I can't believe it, I can't conceive it
That you're gone somehow

The smiling faces, the warm embraces
They're all in the past
Your sweet caress, my happiness
It just couldn't last

People say that I am just a fool
That I should go back home
I just smile and say I'm doin fine
I'm glad that I'm alone

I guess I'll go back home
I'll always be alone

Written By: (R. Nelson)