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A Happy Guy      [Song Lyrics]      [Spotlight On Rick]

Some guys like a nine to five job
And a house with a white picket fence
Some guys live for that weekly pay cheque
But to me it don't make much sense
Now I dont like a tight collar
Or a suit with a matching tie
I like to pick up and go where the four winds blow
And that's why I'm a happy guy

I steer clear of sweet talkin' gals
They gotta wedding bells on their mind
They want a guy to stay home every night
But me, I'm a different kind
I move when I'm ready
And I don't have to tell you why
I just grab my hat
And leave where I'm at
And that's why I'm a happy guy

You can look for me when I'm passing through
And I'll stay awhile in your town
We can live it up and let the good times roll
But dont try to settle me down
No girls gonna chain me
I was born with a rovin' eye
And when the thrill is gone
Well I'll be moving on
And that's why im a happy guy

Written By: (L. Kusik, K. Rankin)